Sex Therapy

In Sex Therapy sessions, Clare Mézes, MSc, RP helps individuals and couples of all sexual orientations to resolve sexual difficulties and reach deeper levels of intimacy, whether clients are looking to address issues of trauma, trust, sexual function, greater sexual fulfillment, or to communicate their sexual needs more effectively.

What is Sex Therapy?

Sex Therapy is an opportunity to discuss your sexual issues in a way that is non-judgemental and respectful of your feelings, beliefs, values and privacy. You can attend sex therapy as an individual or as a couple. Understanding and accepting who you are sexually is important to your health and well-being. Feeling positive about your sexuality helps you to feel good about yourself, your relationship, and your life. Sexuality is about aliveness, vitality and sensuality.

Couples work on strategies for improving their understanding of and communication with each other. This is the foundation for individuals and couples to be comfortable with their sexuality, increase eroticism, feel their emotions, ask for what they need, listen and give what they can, and cherish relational, emotional and sexual intimacy.

Reading and homework activities are often suggested. This helps clients to rekindle their sexual connection and overcome feelings of fear and misunderstanding about sexuality, while also teaching them to become more attentive and understanding of their own and their partner’s sexual needs.

Clare will never ask you to engage in any form of sexual activity while she is present. A high level of professionalism and ethics are maintained.

What Can Be Addressed With Sex Therapy?

In Sex Therapy, Clare helps clients navigate a variety of issues that may affect their sexual relationships, including communication, trauma, compatibility, infidelity, and more.

Compatibility & Desire

Are you dealing with desire discrepancies, hoping to rekindle desire, and wishing for more intimacy?

Clare provides sexual strategies and techniques and encourages positive, pleasure-oriented communication in the relationship.  

Communication Concerns

People are encouraged to speak directly and in a straightforward way where they can ask for what they need, in order to improve their sexual satisfaction.

Some of the difficulty in speaking directly is the result of negative childhood values and beliefs about sexuality. Communication issues also come from trauma, fear, anxiety, depression, or a physical problem.

In order to improve communication for sexual satisfaction, Clare teaches skills to help clients express their needs of desire, pleasure, and eroticism.


Sexual trauma in childhood or adulthood can change the way you feel or think about sex and your sexuality.

Clare will explore how your past experiences, relationship patterns, feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and behaviours contribute to your current sexual struggles.

Understanding and recreating new meaning can lead to more sexual joy and freedom.


Infidelity brings couples emotional distress and can lead to their being on the brink of divorce, or it can result in working through unresolved issues. Infidelity can be about the relationship being over, sexual acting out, or a person wanting excitement.

Conversations in sex therapy are not only about lying, betrayal, and breaches of trust; they are also about unmet needs, hopes, or topics that have been avoided in discussion between couples for years. In sex therapy, Clare helps couples face the challenge of whether to commit to creating a healthier, respectful, trusting relationship or to end their relationship.

Gender Identity & Sexuality

Sex Therapy can be helpful for individuals and couples in addressing gender identity issues as they pertain to their sexuality and sexual relationships.

In a safe, non-judgmental therapeutic space, Clare will help clients think through and affirm gender identity and sexuality, and address the ways these issues can affect their lives.

Age & Sexuality

Age is not a defining factor in couples enjoying desire, pleasure, eroticism, and sexual satisfaction. Sex therapy addresses responsive sexual desire, sex that is good enough, and embracing flexible sexual expression.

Performance Anxiety

Clare recommends an approach emphasizing sexual self-acceptance, addressing vulnerability, dropping perfect performance, and turning toward your partner as a safe, intimate, and erotic ally.

Couples' Therapy

  • Maturity comes when we tend to our inner children and don't inflict them on our partners to care for.
    - Terry Real, 2022
  • Passion and intimacy don't exclude each other. Lasting desire is possible in a relationship if the lovers are compatible, share important interests, like each other in a way best friends do, remain attracted to and curious about each other, and most importantly, are able to risk honesty with each other.
    - Renate Stendhal, 2003
  • Eroticism are those qualities of vitality, curiosity, and spontaneity that makes us feel alive.
    - Esther Perel, 2020

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