Family Intensives

Do you long for a more loving connection with your adult children? Are you looking for some practical tools to transform your relationship with your family members? In Family Intensives, Clare Mézes, MSc, RP offers a way to renew and transform unhealthy relationships and the family legacies that are passed down to the next generations.

The Family Intensive

Today’s young adults have grown up online, living a fast-paced, high-stressed life that often leads to problematic behaviours, i.e., distance, defiance, entitlement, addictions, and low self-esteem, as well as relationship issues with their parents.  

Learn how to help your adult child shift from destructive behaviours to more meaningful family and social connections. Help them to create enthusiasm for a positive outlook on the future. Create a harmonious environment with cooperation, mutual respect and trust. Don’t try to bend your adult child to your will.  

Instead, establish age-appropriate boundaries using a loving-kindness approach. Access your mature best self and create a more friendly and interdependent relationship, moving toward closing the generation gap.

Clare’s goals are to help you adopt the mottos, “Never do for your adult children what they can do for themselves.” “A parent’s job is to do themself out of a job.”  Intensives are booked for half-day sessions.

  • Family pathology rolls from generation to generation like fire in the woods, until one person has the courage to turn and face the fire. That person brings peace to those that came before him and spares the generations that follow.
    - Terry Real, 2007
  • The spirit about negotiation is about repair. “How are we going to work this out?” Identify your need, express it and ask for what you want, negotiate, grieve the needs that cannot be met and let them go.
    - Terry Real, 2007
  • Girls learn that being a good woman means having to accomodate. They lose their voices by age 10-13.
    - Carol Gilligan, 1982

The Focus of Family Intensives

Practice co-operation, mutual respect and trust.

Build self-esteem through encouragement, giving responsibility, and using positive reinforcement.

Speak truthfully in a direct, non-judgmental, and loving manner.

Use humour and put yourself in the other’s shoes in order to gain perspective.

Gain understanding of your adult child’s unique personality and how one’s early memories impact patterns and then manifest in the parent-child relationship.

Learn to communicate more clearly, move from complaint to request, listen relationally, and respond with generosity and wisdom.

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