On Intimacy

Understanding Relationship Dynamics is an article co-written by Clare Mézes and Gail Winemaker to get a snapshot of this intensive series.

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On Grief

Moving From The Wounded, Adaptive Child To The Functional Adult-A Relational Life Therapy Technique is an article written by Gail Winemaker.

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The Relationship Grid™

Applying The Relationship Grid™ in Couples Therapy is an article written by Clare Mézes to describe The Relationship Grid™, developed by Terrence Real.

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Emotionally committed relationships are people-growing machines!
 --David Schnarch, 1997 

Passion and intimacy don't exclude each other. Lasting desire is possible in a relationship if the lovers are compatible, share important interests, like each other in a way best friends do, remain attracted to and curious about each other, and most importantly, are able to risk honesty with each other.
 --Renate Stendhal, 2003