I am pleased to offer secure videoconferencing and/or phone sessions to all clients at this time.
I am hoping you and your loved ones are all well.
Warmly, Clare


Relationships are about the dance of closeness, distance and repair. In Relationships For Life therapy, I speak truthfully about how people, when they are at their very worst, distance themselves from one another.

The odds are that you have arrived at this website because you have come to the realization that you need to improve your personal relationships. I commend you for your courage in seeking help and welcome you to take the steps that you need to change and heal your life and relationships.

I teach couples positive strategies that include effective communication skills, so that each person learns how to get their needs met, and can, thereby, reconnect and repair their relationships. I believe that in order to have a warm and enduring connection, couples need to learn the art of cherishing their relationship through appreciation, gratefulness, and by remembering the love they feel for their partner.

I offer counselling and coaching on a variety of issues, addressing each phase and challenge of your life, including individuals, couples, relationships, sexuality, parenting, corporate, ageing.

Clare Mézes, MSc, RP, invites you to avail yourselves to a model of therapy that helps you reconnect and heal. I have a private practice where I treat individuals, couples and families using a unique model of counselling and therapy that provides a more intensive experience for individuals and couples. I also help couples address the sensitive core issues of affairs, sexuality, addictions, trauma, grief and loss, self-esteem and boundaries, as well as those issues that were derived from each person’s family of origin.

How I Work

My work with couples and individuals encompasses both traditional and non-traditional therapy. The non-traditional therapy incorporates longer sessions, with more time in between sessions, and more direction through teaching skills about how to achieve healthier relationships.

I have had the privilege of working with great teachers and mentors who have influenced the way I work. They have instilled in me my own passion in working with individuals and couples. Recently, I have been most influenced by the training program I have completed with Terrence Real, who has taught me his non-traditional model of Relational Life Therapy. I have also been inspired by other therapists and writers, to name a few: Pia Melody (Addictions), Esther Perel (Relationships and Sexuality), Richard Schwartz (Internal Family Systems), Janina Fisher (Relationships and Trauma), Helen Fisher (The Theory of Love), Stephen Levine (Sexual Love), Pat Love (Hot Monogamy), and David Schnarch (Passionate Sexual Relationships).